Locating Advice On Deciding Upon Factors For Footwear

Priti Devi of Decorator’s Notebook tries to explain her obsession for shoes. My husband jokes that we travel with toomuch luggage everywhere we go. Even to the African bush, at least one of thebags is solely (pardon the pun) for my shoes. My explanation is a girl must beprepared for anything, and that means the right shoe for the occasion. I don’t believe there is a man out there who can understand why his lady needs so many pairs of shoes in different designs. Some ladies love shoes so much that they must buy the latest pair of black stilettos when they have 15 other pairs of a similar colour in their shoe closet, as well as multiple pairs each in beige, silver, gold and a multitude of additional hues. It is only in the early1800’s that women’s and men’s shoes began to take different shapes. During thatperiod both men’s and women’s shoes had low, two inch heels, were made inornate and embroidered fabrics and both the right and left side were similar inshape. Then in the 20th century, after World War II, with the advance oftechnology and the availability of different materials, women’s shoes changeddramatically and became more sophisticated and shapely. Higher, slimmer heelsemerged and luxury shoe designers emerged, becoming stars in their own right,famous for their craft.

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